• Economic consulting

    • Single entry accounting and double entry accounting - Dáša Straková
    • Payrolls services and personal management
    • Tax declarations, VAT and all others tax obligations
    • Reconstruction of accounting
    • Representation in front of social and health institutions and tax offices
    • Identification of cost reduction and sources of your profit
    • Focus on pharmaceutical sector and doctors
    • Preparing documentation for business loans
    • Tax consulting - Saskia Stachová
      Tax consulting we provide also by D.E.P. Ltd.


    We use software: BMD, OMEGAALFA

    • Monthly or quarterly reports in English or German
    • Delivering of all reports to institutions (mostly obligated electronically)
    • VAT declaration, VAT refunds, real estate and other tax declaration
    • Financial statements of corporations
    • Financial statements of individuals and trade licenses
    • Statistics reports according of clients needs
    • Withholding tax preparing of subsequent notification to the respective tax office


    • Preparing work contract and amendments
    • Registration and evidence of employees and company at corresponding institutions
    • Complex payroll agenda
  • Occupational Health and Safety

    • Authorized health and safety practitioner activities.
    • Development of internal directives and implementation of health and safety management system.
    • Training of employees, team leaders, and employee representatives in health and safety.
    • Activities of fire safety officer (Fire status, fire roster, fire alarm directives)
    • Coordinators for safety and health matters for any construction
    • Compulsory medical services for  I. and II. Category. New obligation for all employees starting of 1st of January 2015
    • Cooperation in implementation of system of management according to the OSHA as well as ISO BOZP (OSHA)  norms for development of functional health and safety management system in organization, templates of system documentation.
    • Trainings and related services in Occupational Health and Safety (injuries, drivers trainings…)
  • Team Bulding

    Team-building if fast and effective way of development of positive attitude of work groups, managers and leaders that will allow them to approach their tasks strategically and thus exceed the productivity levels of "hard working individual".

    The aim of teambuilding training is development of leadership and motivational skills, ability to utilize the time of meetings effectively, delegation of tasks in line with functional composition of the team and mastering standardized methodology for addressing tasks and problems as a team.

    Modern team-building, as a component of integrated motivational framework, is oriented towards increasing the work efficiency of employees.

    This project will introduce participants to the attributes, processes and principles of efficient teamwork. Participants will develop teambuilding skills and learn how to solve problems and manage interpersonal issues that can arise in the course of teamwork.

    The training is conducted in the form of exercises and concrete scenario studies that highlight the contribution of individual members for the team and effectiveness of teamwork in general.

    After finishing this training, participants will be able to form teams designated to attend to particular issues, divide the roles within the team accordingly to the strengths of its members, gain the ability to accept the role of team leaders and, most importantly, they will learn to work with action plans, that will allow them to reach their goals effectively.

  • Translations

    • Translation and interpretation in English, German and Russian language
    • Interpretation services for events and conferences home and abroad
    • Short translations completed in the same day
    • English and Russian language courses taught in your company, accordingly to your demands.
  • Pharma sector and health care providers

    Would you like to know?

    What are the legal limits of co-operation between doctors and pharmacological companies?

    Presents/other benefits for health care providers from pharma industry or other subjects.

    Drugs/medical remedies promotion regulations.

    What should health care providers do if they attend professional event?

    How do health care providers correctly declare non-monetary income from pharma industry to the tax office?

    How to proceed correctly in case of inclusion of health care providers in marketing studies?

    Have you prepared professional academic presentation for pharmaceutical company?

    What are the appropriate contracts between health care providers and pharmacological companies?

    Let u know your problem and we will do everything we can to fond legal and effective solutions.

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